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Leadership Excellence

We view leadership as a complex communication process to determine and reach common entrepreneurial objectives. Often people think of hierarchical managerial functions when they hear "leadership". In our understanding, however, leadership does not necessarily imply such a function, but can take place in any position. Leadership can be seen on all levels of an organization, as well as at its fringes.

We understand leadership excellence to mean the willingness and ability of people and organizations to continuously develop their own leadership skills in three connected areas: organizational context, organizational dynamics, and personality. Leaders who are able to reflect on, communicate, and integrate the logic of these three areas into their decisions and actions show leadership excellence. This is only possible if people regularly reflect on their own leadership approach and practice. Organizations that set up and develop effective and efficient governance structures determine the scope of action for leadership excellence.

Three areas of leadership excellence

Leadership in an organizational context

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Institutional context
• Economic and societal value creation
• Interaction of business, politics, and society
• Global standards of good business management
• Value-creation strategies
• Governance ethics
• Shared-value principle

Strategy and structure of the organization
• Strategic organizational governance
• Strategic interdependencies
• Stakeholder management
• Integrity management
• Good corporate governance
• Economic success and social responsibility
• Future viability and sustainability of the organization

Leadership and organizational dynamics

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System of cooperation
• Formal and informal organization
• Culture and subculture
• Transcultural management
• Change and stability in organizations
• Learning capacity of organizations
• Power and politics in organizations
• The art of intervention
• Leading staff members and teams
• Theory and practice of developing organizations and leaders

Leadership and one’s own personality

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Personal system of the leader
• Understanding of leadership
• Conflict areas of leadership and dealing with differences
• Power, character, and the ethical basis of actions
• Self navigation system and one’s own values
• Intended effects and unintended side effects
• Reflected leadership practice

Research at LEIZ

In addition to basic scientific research, LEIZ makes an immediate and innovative contribution toward solving various management problems in an international context by means of its application-oriented research and development. Research conducted atLEIZ thus bridges the gap between university and business practice, and additionally provides an important impetus for teaching at universities, colleges, and other institutions, as well as for continuing-education in organizations.

Research at the Chair of Institutional Economics (Prof Dr Josef Wieland & Team)

Research at the Chair of Business Psychology and Leadership Ethics (Prof Dr Carmen Tanner & Team)

Transfer to practice at LEIZ

Applied research and approaches to solving management problems can only be effective if they are communicated to the relevant target groups via suitable channels. LEIZ has a wide range of tools at its disposal for this purpose.

Continuing education | Executive education: The LEIZ plans and oversees part-time/executive study programs for leaders from industry, the public sector, and civil society.

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  • Executive Master "Intersectoral Leadership & Governance." A part-time/executive study program for (the next generation of) leaders in and between the market, the public sector, and civil society.
  • Executive Master "Business & Leadership for Engineers."
  • EMBA "Compliance & Corporate Governance." in Zusammenarbeit mit der Lake Constance Business School. Ein berufsbegleitendes Studienprogramm für chinesische Nachwuchsführungskräfte von Daimler North East Asia, Beijing und für europäische Nachwuchsführungskräfte von Daimler Financial Services, Stuttgart.
  • Master Classes in Kooperation mit dem World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB) zum Thema Confucian Entrepreneurship (in Planung)

For more information see "Further and continuing education".

Business services

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• LEIZ leadership seminars
• LEIZ transcultural profiler
• Coaching of leaders and management teams
• Organizational and leadership development (tailor-made)


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