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The senate of Zeppelin University is the highest decision-making body at the university and responsible for

a) recommendations regarding the appointments of professors to the responsible body of
    the university

b) the decision on regulations regarding admissions, enrollment, study and examination
c) the decision on changes in the basic rules.

The senate can form decision-making and consulting committees. For this purpose, Zeppelin University has created a so-called "zone-architecture". "zones" are working arenas for the following areas that can be activated on demand: "development", "instruction & coaching“, "research" and "administration“. Independent of groups they draft concrete decision documents for the senate and the university management which the latter are obliged to deal with and decide on.

Members of the Senate

Members by the power vested in them:

a) the speaker of the board of directors as chair, as well as
b) the other members of the board of directors.

Members due to elections organized by the individual groups, respectively:

a) one professor from each of the respective departments ("Department Head“),
b) one representative of the academic staff,
c) one representative of the non-academic staff,
d) four representatives of enrolled students who have only one vote that they must cast
    together and unanimously.

The term of each elected member of the senate runs for one year. Elections must be held once a year at a fixed date at the beginning of the fall term.

Current Members of the Senate

Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen – chairman | president
Dr. Karsten Rosemeier – member of the board of directors | academic director
Katja Völcker – member of the board of directors | financial director
Tim Göbel – member of the board of directors | director of university marketing, strategic projects and further education
Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning – department CME
Prof. Dr. Dirk Baecker – department CCM
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Schröter – department PMG
Kay Hoffmann – academic staff
Leila Ayana - student representative
Simone Leneis - student representative
Irina Spokoinyi - student representative
Yann Lukas Schäfer - student representative
Tobias Lipper – non-academic staff

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