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Internationally Binding Degrees as Early as Today: The Bologna Process

Zeppelin University has been offering only the degrees that will be binding for all European universities from 2010 on since 2003. As a state-recognized university it offers 3 bachelor and 3 master degrees. The structure of the bachelor and master programs corresponds to the structural requirements for the accreditation of bachelor and master programs valid for all states (decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the states in the Federal Republic of Germany, October 10, 2003).

Accredited and state-recognized: the programs of ZU

Right from the start all study programs of the university have been quality assured by accreditations. As the first private university in Germany, ZU has been in the process of the system accreditation since 2011, and thus is on the highest level of accreditation. This process will continue for the next two years. Additionally, the study programs of ZU also received top positions in the latest rankings. Further details on the accreditation can be found here.

The three Bachelor Programs of Zeppelin University

The bachelor programs "Corporate Management & Economics", "Communication & Cultural Management" and "Politics & Public Management" provide a professional qualification. The students are awarded their first academic degree that is simultaneously a professional qualification. After passing the bachelor examination, Zeppelin University confers the graduates the state-recognized academic degree "Bachelor of Arts" (B.A.).

The 3 x 2 Master Programs of Zeppelin University

The master programs "Corporate Management & Economics", "Communication & Cultural Management" and "Politics & Public Management" are offered in a consecutive and a non-consecutive version. The students are awarded their second academic degree. After passing the master examination, Zeppelin University confers the graduates the state-recognized academic degree "Master of Arts" (M.A.).

Background: What is the "Bologna Process?"

29 educational ministers met in Bologna in 1999 to formulate a uniform European educational strategy. The process of implementing this Bologna Paper is described as the Bologna Process.

In future, students from Lisbon to Budapest, from Oslo to Madrid are to study in accordance with the same criteria and under the same conditions and to be able to transfer credits and requirements throughout Europe. In September 2003, the "Berliner Konferenz" of the more than 40 educational ministers specified the previously sluggish approaches more precisely in Germany as well: Thus, by the year 2005 – i.e. five years earlier than planned in the Bologna Process – all universities were expected to have started to implement a two-tier system of bachelor and master programs. These degrees are supplemented by a PhD programs as an interface with research.

All European universities will now be working on the implementation in the next two years. A process that Zeppelin University has already undertaken. Thus, now it is „Goodbye to the diploma“ („Abschied nehmen vom Diplom“), as the magazine DER SPIEGEL summarized on September 22, 2003.

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