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Master | Corporate Management & Economics

Managíng the Age of Complexity and Uncertainty

Academic Generalist Master Education instead of MBAs of Business Schools

“Generalization that can be specialized” is the attitude underlying the master programs at Zeppelin University. Together with an approach of research-oriented learning, the aim is to qualify and encourage students to take on entrepreneurial responsibility as well as sustainable business start-ups by means of an academic “establishing of substance”.

Thus, in the concept of its master programs Zeppelin University follows international studies that analyze management education regarding later career developments. The work scientist Edward P. Lazear of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University has carried out research on the educational background of successful entrepreneurs. Thus, his elaborate survey, based on the biographies of 5,000 alumni, shows that generalists achieve significantly better positions and are much more likely to start their own businesses (Lazear 2003). Management theorist Henry Mintzberg expresses this idea even more succinctly: “It is high time to consider traditional MBA programs as what they really are – or to abolish them. They provide a specialist education in functions of business administration, but they do not teach you how to run a company.” (Mintzberg 2005, p.11)

ZU faces this challenge by offering a generalist master education as an alternative to traditional, specialized master and MBA programs of business schools. In addition to a high level of theoretical contents the master programs in the department Corporate Management & Economics offer a variety of individual options and opportunities for specialization. The high degree of freedom and flexibility makes the individual design of the program the first entrepreneurial challenge.

The master program “Corporate Management & Economics | CME“ is offered in two versions at Zeppelin University:

As a consecutive master program it provides a specialization in and complementation of the contents of domestic or foreign bachelor degrees in business.

As a non-consecutive master program it offers graduates of different faculties (humanities, social sciences, law, cultural sciences, and natural sciences) in Germany or abroad the opportunity to gain a well-founded management-oriented competence profile.

Due to the research orientation of both versions of the program the students gain not only theoretically well-founded management competences but also the ability carry out independently organized academic research. At the moment there are indications that especially the research-oriented master programs will replace the PhD programs which are currently a German phenomenon.

Thus, both master programs provide an entrepreneurial competence profile with a theoretically-based practical relevance:

| Competence in Entrepreneurial Leadership
(corporate strategy and politics, strategic organization, international and intercultural management, human resources)

| Generalist Competence in Management
(corporate financing & controlling, marketing & branding, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, service economy & consulting)

| Competence in Theories and Methods
(theory of science, empirical market and trend research, institutional and evolutional economics)
The master programs in the department “Corporate Management & Economics | CME” have a modular structure and cover an expected duration of studies of four semesters (=120 ECTS-credits):

  Non consecutive

To enlarge please click on a picture. Download PDF-File here.

The master programs are divided into:

Consecutive Master Program
| 5 obligatory modules (semesters 1-2)
| 4 elective modules (semesters 2-4)
| master thesis and master colloquium (semester 4)

Non-consecutive Master Program
| 3 obligatory modules (semesters 1-2)
| 3 elective modules (semesters 3-4)
| master thesis and master colloquium (semester 4)

  As additional not graded credits there are:
| internship abroad (semester 2)
| TandemCoaching (semesters 1-4)

As part of the individual electives, it is also possible to integrate
| StudentStudies &
| GlobalStudies (incl. a semester abroad)
  as zu|additions into the regular course of the program.

Our Graduates
The generalist orientation of both programs qualifies our graduates for demanding management and leadership positions in business, especially for entrepreneurial responsibility in companies, the service sector, e.g. management consultancies and financial service providers, as well as for leadership positions in the mid-sized sector. The special profile of the department as well as the two programs enables and encourages students to start their own businesses – be that as start-ups, as management buy-outs or as corporate successions. Additionally, the research orientation enables students to carry out independent research, for example in a PhD program.

The master programs „Corporate Management & Economics“ are state recognized by the Council of Ministers of Baden-Württemberg and have been accredited by the accreditation agencies AQUIN and FIBAA respectively without restrictions.

Admission Requirements
Basically, the requirements mentioned above apply to both programs, subject to a case-by review. Degrees from selected programs at universities of applied sciences also basically fulfill the admission requirements.

Interested? Then apply now.

A comprehensive brochure of our Master Program. Download here.

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