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Corporate Management & Economics | CME

For company founders. Social entrepreneurs. Business consultants. Investment bankers. Coffee house founders. Automobile experts. Financial jugglers. Family business successors. Booksellers. Global corporate leaders. NPO specialists. Lobbyists. Consumer researchers. Creative marketers. Music publishers.

Our approach: Generalist education instead of plain Business School

Managers and entrepreneurs are being confronted more often than ever before by demands that can no longer be overcome with the classical array of business management methods alone. The limitations of the conventional management education are exposed – an opinion also shared by the renowned Canadian management theorist Henry Mintzberg. Communication and organizational enhancements are needed to face the new challenges, as well as a broader approach in terms of political science.  ZU has responded to these challenges with a new type (for German standards) of entrepreneurial generalist educational program. The novelty lies in linking business administration and economics with cultural studies, communication and media science, as well as aspects of political science and the science of public administration.

“Knowing as I do from my graduate studies at Carnegie and from my years as a faculty member since, organizing an interdisciplinary program in the social sciences is a very demanding undertaking. I therefore wish you every success with your innovative approach to higher education at Zeppelin Universität.”

Prof. Oliver E. Williamson, Noble Prize Laureate in Economics 2009

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