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Communication and Cultural Management | CCM

Our Claim: Management of Communication and Culture for Observers, Shapers and Decision-Makers.

Cultural knowledge and communicative competence are the key qualifications of the 21st century. Competences in dealing with data, texts, pictures and electronic media are essential in the staging of art, in the management of cultural institutions, in the planning of communicative campaigns, as well as in the consulting of cultural processes in all kinds of organizations and projects. The programs in the department Communication and Cultural Management react to these challenges with methods of quantitative and qualitative social research, discourse analysis, with the practise of artistic processes, with respect for cultural diversity and with the theory of society. The aim of the education is to enable students to address further questions, to acquire and evaluate data, to reach decisions, to design processes and to reflect on their own contribution to the situation. Communication links, culture connects, management shapes and supervises.

Our graduates so far work in various professional areas, such as:
- the management of cultural institutions (museum, theaters, ...)
- the media (print, radio, TV)
- corporate communication, marketing and advertising (planning and designing)
- international organizations
- intercultural communication and consulting
- research

The Programs:

| Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Cultural Management
| Master of Arts in Communication & Cultural Management
| Non-Consecutive Master of Arts in Communication & Cultural Management

The next semester starts on September 6th, 2013. Would you like to get to know ZU, students, as well as scholars? Then visit us:

| "Studieren probieren“ (Student-for-a-day): Your individual day of studying at ZU. Experience first-hand what it´s like to study at our university. Get to know our professors and current students.


"Finally it was music that gave me the idea to deal more intensively with cultural management. How can culture be made possible, how can it be organized? With which parties do we have to negotiate to stage a successful concert? Questions to which I am looking for answers in my studies at ZU. "
Lukas Onken | Bachelor in Communication & Cultural Management

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