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Studies that Bridge Supply and Demand. Wednesdays at Zeppelin University are reserved for students and ‘their’ studies. The StudentStudies program offers students the opportunity to pursue their own scholarly interests and desires in addition to the already-existing curricula. In this way, students create their own courses ‘on demand’: Self-organised teaching sessions, research about a particular nation or culture, and research& consulting projects are just a few examples.

Coaching that bridges Theory and Practice. Along with the development of specific ‘hard skills,’ Zeppelin University places the personal development of its students at the forefront. We take this seriously: each student is responsible for naming two coaches during their first semester at ZU: one internal, from Zeppelin University faculty, another external, from business, cultural and political institutions. These coaches accompany the students through their complete degree program to provide advice concerning personal development and career.

Studies that Bridge Continents and Cultures. 1 Student+1 Company+3 Internships+ 1 foreign university=a three-continental working and learning experience. This program is supported by the ZU International Office together with partner institutions. Thus, during the term of study, a relationship of trust can be established toward multi-national corporations and institutions which might play a decisive role in the future careers of our students.

Exchange that Bridges University and Practice. The PartnerPool is a network that promotes partnership with Zeppelin University ranging from institutional cooperation with the scientific community to institutions from business, culture and politics. In these institutions, key components of the Zeppelin University mission can be realised: internships, research & consulting projects, tandem coaching, continuing education and seminars.

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